Final Draft

This is a brand made by me of my inspiration for fashion.  This brand is called  Wear me Twice. My name is Abbey Wikol and today I would like to share why I choose to do this brand. I created this brand for college students to encourage students to be able to wear their clothing more than once and be able to save money. Most cases people want to buy new clothing and never wear the same outfit twice. I had the great idea of making an app that would show everyone all the clothing in their closets and be able to make new styles with their existing clothing. I wanted to make this brand new and fun because I know many college students want to look good but also save money.  With this, I am able to make my brand come to life with the help of Michigan State University and Professor Mehraban.

The big idea for Wear me Twice is to be able to come out of your comfort zone and try new styles. We want our customers to feel good in their existing clothing and have confidence in what they will be wearing.  We want to make relationships with our clients to be able to give them the best styles for their personalities. Most of our customers want to be able to save money and with our help they will be able to get a style everyday of the week for whatever they have going on in their lives. The main purpose of our brand is for clothing to be worn more than once and we encourage new trends and styles while coming together to reduce material waste.  We will be able to use 1 shirt and be able to make 10 outfits that is the main idea behind our brand.

Wear me twice is trying to target to both females and males. We want to attract the college students the most because they are eager to try new trends and save money.  The ages that we would be targeting would be 18-30. We want to attract college student but also the age group that is just starting their jobs for the first time. We want this age group to not be worried about their clothing and be able to save money.  We do not want them to stress about not be able to afford all new clothing, but make them be in the latest fashion trends with their existing clothing.  We want to establish our brand as being easy going and helpful for everyone that will be using our app. We want to target those who are in college and people who are working in big cities.

To be able to be successful with our brand, we want to be able to bring KPIS into our brand. We would be using this through social media. We will be able to measure the engagement using personalized hashtags. We want to be able to attract our audience and adjust it to whoever is interesting in our brand. One of our main goals is to be able to bring Brand Awareness into our brand.  We want our customers to wear their clothing more than once. With our brand awareness we will be getting likes, shares, comments across all our social media sites.  Also, building a larger audience is another success that will help Wear me Twice. Reaching out to people on email, social media, and phone calls can help us reach an larger audience. 

Since this brand is personal, I have been trying to connect my brand with my personal social media accounts. It is important for me to connect my brand because I want people to notice this idea about being able to wear their clothing more than once and want people to start familiarizing this idea. I want people to be able to easily find my brand and share this across different social media platforms by connecting my personal social media account with Wear Me Twice. Social media is where we will be able to connect to our audience and get our name out there.  We want to be consistent with our customers and be able to give them the styles they want out of their clothing.  All the social media sites that we will have will help us get brand awareness and build a larger audience.

Instagram – We want to use instagram to show our latest designs for our customer and show them the work we do.

Pinterest – We will be showing the clothing we make each and everyday so people at home and do the same designs.

Youtube – We will be posting daily vlogs to show styles that you can do for the morning, afternoon, and at night for everyday of the week.

Snapchat – Our snapchat stories will show our latest creations for our clients.

Facebook – We can be able to share links of what clothing we were using in our blogs and also connect to our audience easier.

Google – Google will help us find our audience. We will be able to attract the audience to the links we will have on google for our customers to be able to find us faster.

For our inbound strategy we wanted to connect to our audience with keywords. The keywords that we used Motivating, Inspiration, Creative, Simple, and Spontaneous. We want our audience to feel as though our styles will make an impact on them and be thankful for our help. We want to be able to connect with our audience as much as possible. We want to be able to help our audience in any way we can. College students want to stay in the latest fashion trends with saving money. Having a blog will make Wear me Twice to be able to connect with our audience. They will be able to comment about the clothing they see on their site and give their honest opinions about the styles we will be choosing for them. 

Since our brand is smaller than other companies, we want to use our money to start right away.  We want to be able to start an app that will be starting at a low price for our clients. We just started this brand so we need to pay influencers to be able to try our clothing also on to show our customers that influencers support out brand. $30,000 would be the beneficial media budget for Wear Me Twice. The $30,000 would be going towards the marketing we would be doing on our website, pinterest, youtube channel and influencers. Since we want to start an app also we need to put money aside to start the app. I would be using my own phone to take all the photos and youtube videos that will be developed on the site but if we continue to grow as a brand I would have to pay for a professional photographer and vlogger.

This brand was created for young aged adults and adults to be able to save money and feel good in their own clothing.  We want everyone to be in the latest fashion trends and do not want them to feel like they have to always buy new clothing to fit in. We want everyone to feel unique and trendy with the clothing we will be picking for them. I wanted to create this brand to make our clients feel confident in their clothing.  I am very grateful to have made this brand and happy that I was able to share my ideas with the world. One day I would love to use this blog and make a company out of it. I wanted to express myself and show each person my unique styles and character traits. This is  Wear me Twice and always know you can wear one shirt and make 10 styles with it. Just have to believe in yourself! Thank you for the opportunity.

Abbey Wikol

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